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Renewable Energy Education Field Days -- Anaerobic Digester Webinars

Financing and technology of anaerobic digester systems were the subject of two webinars Wednesday, March 14, 2012.  Part of the Renewable Energy Education Field Day series, the webinars were targeted to landowners, community leaders and dairy farmers with operations of all sizes.


The webinars were a collaboration of Farm Foundation, NFP, USDA Rural Development, USDA Office of Energy Policy and New Uses, the U.S. Environmental Protection agency, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy and the Wisconsin Bioenergy Initiative of the University of Wisconsin.


This was the third Renewable Energy Education Field Day program.  Biomass was the subject of the first field day, which took place in November 2010.  Review the program and presentations.  The second field day on Oct. 26, 2011, was a webinar on the use of anaerobic digester systems on livestock operations in the Southwest.   A survey of the more than 300 individuals who viewed that webinar indicated interest in additional information on financing installation and maintenance of a digester system, and on the technology options to consider deciding the type of system to install.


Those topics were the focus of the March 14 webinars.  The webinars originated from the Pyle Center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.   


The March 14, 2012 webinars were videotaped and will be available for viewing until March 2013. 


CLICK HERE to view the webinar on Financing Anaerobic Digestion Systems


CLICK HERE to view the webinar on Technology Options for Anaerobic Digestion Systems



Presentations are posted below as speakers have permitted. 


Webinar I:  Financing an Anaerobic Digestion System


 Jerry Bingold, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy  

Farmers and Lenders Discuss Financing Structures


 Karl Crave, Crave Brothers Dairy -  Presentation

 Bob Joblin, AgPower Group  -  Presentation

 Bill Jorgenson, AGreen Energy

 Nick DuBois, Avatar, Vermont -  Presentation

Joining the panel for questions and discussion were  Mark Moser of  RCM International and Steve  Dvorak of DVO Inc.


Financing and Maintaining Community Anaerobic Digester Sytems


 David Merritt, Dane County Department of Administration -  Presentation

 Monte Lamer, Clear Horizons

 Anand Gangadharan, Novi Energy


Lenders’ Experiences/Expectations

 Jon Best, CAT Financial Services

 Michael Land, Baker Tilley Vircho Krause, LLP -  Presentation


USDA Funding Programs

 Todd Campbell, USDA Rural Development


Webinar 2:  Technical Aspects of Anaerobic Digestion Systems


 Christopher Voell, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency AgStar Program


Overview of AD Technologies

 Norma McDonald, Organic Waste Systems


USDA Technical Assistance Programs

 William Boyd, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service -  Presentation

 NRCS Conservation Practice Standard for Anaerobic Digesters


Experience with AD Systems - Part 1

Psychrophilic, covered lagoon Mark Moser, RCM International -  Presentation

Mesophilic, plug flow Nick DuBois, Avatar -  Presentation
Modified plug-flow systems:   Steve Dvorak, DVO Inc. -  Presentation

Mesophilic, completely mixed:  Grant Grinstead, Northern Biogas

Joining the panel for questions and discussion was  Bill Jorgenson, AGreen Energy


Experience with AD Systems - Part 2

Thermophilic, mixed Michael Casper, Homeland Biogas Energy, LLC -  Presentation

Dry fermentation Tom Sonnleitner, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh -  Presentation

Food processing waste:  Joe Kramer, Energy Center of Wisconsin -  Presentation

Joining the panel for questions and discussion were  Norma McDonald of Organic Waste Systems,

and  Steve Sell, BIOFERM








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