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Farm Foundation, NFP is an agricultural policy institute cultivating dynamic non-partisan collaboration to meet society's needs for food, fiber, feed and energy. Since 1933, we have connected leaders in farming, business, academia, organizations and government through proactive, rigorous debate and objective issues analysis. Farm Foundation does not lobby or advocate. Our reputation for objectivity allows us to bring together diverse stakeholders for civil discussions of evolving issues. 

Farm Foundation Values:

  • Constructive debate centered on comprehensive factual information and objective analysis
  • The role of social, economic and natural sciences in expanding knowledge
  • People of diverse opinions, perspectives and backgrounds
  • Respect for the past and innovation for the future
  • Diverse agricultural systems
  • Informed decision making

Farm Foundation, NFP’s current work focuses in four program areas:

  • Resource Management and Stewardship
  • Science and Technology
  • Building Capacity
  • Evolving Business Conditions

The primary product of Farm Foundation, NFP's work is comprehensive, objective information. Through conferences, workshop and Farm Foundation® Forums, we bring a broad range of stakeholders together to share perspectives and have productive discussions. We recognize that consensus is difficult. However, by encouraging productive discussions, we can help to narrow differences and expand common ground—the first steps to bringing potential solutions into reality.

Farm Foundation, NFP is directed by a six-member Board of Directors comprised of leaders in production agriculture, related businesses and academia. Farm Foundation, NFP is the operating entity of Farm Foundation, a charitable trust originally formed in 1933. Led by a 29-member Board of Trustees, the trust is a separate supporting organization of Farm Foundation, NFP.

Much of the Foundation’s work is funded from our endowment; the remainder comes from donations from individuals, companies and other foundations or NGOs. A small portion is from government contracts. Donors recognize the importance of the Foundation’s unique work and value the Foundation’s unwavering focus on objectivity and non-advocacy.


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