Inder Majumdar

Inder Majumdar is a graduate student in the department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in finance from Babson College, Inder worked as a consultant at Deloitte, where he supported efforts to evaluate the impact of private enterprises that provide renewable energy, agricultural inputs, and financial services to economically underserved communities.

After working at Deloitte, Inder joined WayCool Foods as their head of analytics. WayCool Foods is a farm-to-fork agriculture company headquartered in Chennai, India that aims to improve the livelihood of approximately 20,000 farmers by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies within the Indian agricultural supply chain.

As a graduate student, Inder works on research at the intersection of economic development and agricultural commodity markets under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Janzen and Dr. Hope Michelson. He is currently working on a research project that uses a choice experiment and analysis of onion market price data to evaluate the forward contract preferences of smallholder onion farmers. Inder is excited to participate in the Agricultural Scholars Program, where he hopes to learn more about the role of US agriculture in the international food supply chain and identify research topics that contextualize US agricultural policy with respect to commodity market dynamics, global food security, and farmer welfare.

In the future, Inder hopes to begin PhD studies in agricultural economics in Fall 2023, after which he plans to pursue a career as an academic researcher focused on research questions at the intersection of commodity price analysis, firm-decision making, and economic development, both in the United States and abroad.