Fabiola Perez

Fabiola Perez is the high value crop specialist within the Application Equipment Product Line at John Deere. She is responsible for managing and executing marketing and sales functions for high value crop application equipment and provide support to agronomic activities within the Application Product Line Marketing team. During her time at Deere, she has spent time in the Utility Tractor marketing team in Augusta, Georgia, and the Small Grains Productions System Innovation team in Olathe, Kansas. Prior to Deere, she interned for Nationwide Agribusiness in their risk management services team for two years where she covered a variety of accounts across Central and Southern California. While in this role she had the opportunity to learn about the issues and complexities farmers dealt with in managing their operations and following regulations. Perez is a Cal Poly Pomona graduate with a B.S. in Plant Science and a B.S. in Agribusiness and Food Industry Management. Being born and raised in the California Central Coast, she grew up around dozens of different crops being farmed year-round. With deep family ties in agriculture, at a young age she knew this would be the career she would pursue. 

Since moving to the mid-west, Perez has found tremendous value in learning about the differences and similarities in production practices from those she grew up with in California. When she moved to Southern California for college, although on campus there are hundreds of acres of agriculture production and livestock, being so close to the city of Los Angeles made me much more aware of the misperceptions surrounding agriculture. As a student she was deeply involved in educating the community in the importance of agriculture and supporting the agriculture community in southern California. During my involvement with the California Pest Control Advisors Association (CAPCA), San Diego Farm Bureau, California Women in Agriculture and Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS), she has been inspired and committed to be an advocate of agriculture. 

Although farming strawberries isn’t the same as farming soybeans, they share one goal in that both crops have a role in feeding a growing population. The agriculture industry is not short of challenges and with every challenge comes opportunities to grow. Today the agriculture industry is in a pivotal moment and although, it will not be easy, it certainly is an exciting time to be in ag. With the advancements in technology and production practices, the farming community is yet to realize their potential, and I look forward to contributing to the journey.