Eamon O’Toole

Eamon O’Toole is co-owner and operator of Ladder Livestock Company, a six-generation cattle, sheep and horse ranch on the Wyoming-Colorado border. He manages the ranch with his parents, Patrick and Sharon O’Toole, and sister, Megan Lally. Eamon oversees the cattle portion of the business, including trailing, branding, herd health, marketing and hiring employees. 

The ranch has operated continuously for 139 years, marrying traditional methods with cutting-edge approaches to conserve the landscape and develop best-in-class food and fiber programs for beef, lamb and wool. The ranch has received national recognition from leading conservation groups, including winning the Wyoming Leopold Award in 2014.  

Eamon serves on several local and national boards, including the American Farmland Trust board. He is the chair of the Wyoming Stock Growers’ Transportation, Labor and Marketing Committee, and vice-chair of the Savery Little Snake River Conservancy District. Eamon earned bachelor’s degrees in geography and in the environment and natural resources from the University of Wyoming. He and his wife, Megan, have two sons, McCoy and Rhen.