Georgina Sarpong

Georgina Sarpong lives in Providence, Rhode Island. She is the co-owner of Abundance Farm located on the West End of Providence. This is their first season of operation after managing that space as a community garden for 6 years. Now they finally leased the entire space and turned it into a small community farm.

Georgina has been in the food industry for about 15 years. She attended culinary school, worked at catering companies, restaurants as a line cook and eventually a chef, which led her to become the head chef at a community nonprofit where she was responsible for developing and managing a sustainable food service department that is responsible for feeding about 300 people a day. Georgina transitioned into food justice work afterward where she became the Farmers Market Manager for Farm Fresh RI, then transitioned into the Food Service Director for Farm Fresh RI program called Harvest Kitchen. While invested in her roles at Farm Fresh, she served as the work chair for the food access committee for Rhode Island Food Policy Council. She also became a board member of West Elmwood Housing Development where she was one of the leading Sankofa committee members that developed the Sankofa Farmers Market and assisted in developing market growing spaces for refugee growers and developed the community garden that is now Abundance Farm.

The hope is to see Abundance Farm expand in the urban areas of Providence and become one of the neighborhood farm that everyone can come to.