Leevi Stump

Leevi Stump has been interested in agriculture for nearly a decade and has over five years of practical work experience. He is the manager of livestock production and operations at Greenacres Foundation located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Leevi grew up in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and always enjoyed the outdoors and caring for animals but had little exposure to the world of agriculture as a child. He enrolled in Wilmington College during the spring of 2013 with the hope of going pre-vet. A few agriculture prerequisites started his journey toward finding his passion for agriculture. He completed his degree in December of 2016 and had his first hands-on agricultural work experience during an internship as a farm maintenance intern at Aullwood Audubon in Dayton, Ohio. Afterward, he landed his first full-time position as a farm hand at Greenacres in May of 2017.

At Greenacres, they use a generative approach to farming which focuses on biological cycles, rather than chemical inputs, to increase the productivity of the soils. Through this approach, they look to continuously build health and resiliency into the land and production systems. The livestock production team uses humane and low-stress handling techniques to raise grass-fed and finished beef and lamb, woodland raised pork, and pastured poultry that includes laying hens, turkeys, and broilers.

Leevi has had many great mentors along the way and as his farming journey moves forward, he hopes to continue his education as well as mentor and inspire others to engage in agriculture.