Tiffany Bailey

Tiffany Bailey is a fifth-generation farmer in Sarasota County.  She is the President and owner of Bayside Sod Inc., Honeyside Farms, and The Florida Beef Alliance.  These operations are responsible for over 700 acres of turfgrass, all-natural cattle, and organic fruits and vegetables in Sarasota and Manatee counties.  Tiffany has a bachelors of science degree in Horticultural Sciences from the University of Florida.  

Tiffany Bailey strives to connect local businesses with local agriculture in hopes to improve sustainable opportunities within the local community.  Her farms actively engage in many educational events with local residents.

Tiffany has been married for 10 years to her husband, Tyson Bailey.  Tiffany and Tyson have 3 children.  Tyson Jr is 7 years old, Tilly is 4 years old, and Tula is 2 years old.