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International Conference on Geospatial Information in Agriculture and Forestry

The 3rd International Conference on Geospatial Information in Agriculture and Forestry was Nov. 5-7, 2001, in Denver, Colo. The conference brought scientists and technologists together with decision-makers and technology users within the agricultural and forestry communities to examine how they can work in concert to increase the responsiveness of geospatial information technologies to specific agricultural and forestry information needs.

Representatives from producer and trade associations, agribusiness and timber companies, insurance and financial institutions, government and multilateral agencies, universities, and technology companies participated to explore the emerging roles of geospatial information technology in agriculture and forestry. Sessions focused on:

  • Making Measurements and Observations
  • Synthesizing Information from Data
  • Conveying Knowledge and Understanding
  • Applying the Knowledge in Practice
  • Building Enabling Strategies

This conference was organized by Veridian in partnership with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Foreign Agricultural Service, and Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service; the U.S. Geological Survey EROS Data Center; Farm Foundation; and Sebastopol Vineyards – Dutton Ranch.


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