Emerging Research on Diverse Producers and U.S. Agricultural, Trade, and Food Policy

Increasing Understanding of the Effects of Farm, Food, and Trade Policy on Socially Disadvantaged, Beginning, Limited Resource, and Female Farmers and Ranchers

Increasing our understanding of underrepresented and socially disadvantaged, beginner, limited resource, and women farmers and ranchers as well as their engagement under agricultural, trade and food programs is important for understanding and measuring equitable growth in agriculture.


Upcoming Events:

A two-day conference, tentatively scheduled for Fall 2023. The primary objective of the conference is to provide a forum where researchers, industry experts, market participants, and policymakers can meet to increase their understanding of diverse agricultural producers and their engagement under agricultural programs and trade policies.

Special emphasis will be placed on socially disadvantaged, women, limited-resource, and beginning farmers. The conference will help to inform ERS, other USDA agencies, and its stakeholders who assist in the development and completion of research projects in  Market and Trade Economics Division (MTED).



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