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Listed here in chronological order are Foundation projects that have been completed.

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Date Project Name
Iowa’s Pork Industry - Dollars and Scents (1998)
The Natural Resources Leadership Institute: Using Conflict Resolution in Public Issues Education on Controversial Environmental Issues (1998)
Collaboration to Achieve Agreement on Natural Resource Decisions: Different Approaches to Natural Resource Education in Eastern Nevada (1999)
County Based Multi-disciplinary Public Policy Education Program (PPE) for Hillsborough County (Tampa) Florida (1999)
Local Taxes in Our Community: Understanding Tax Reform in Pennsylvania (2000)
National Survey of State Animal Confinement Policies (2000)
Copin County U.S.A.: A Citizen Involvement Workshop (2001)
Land Use Conflict: When City and Country Clash (2001)
ABSTRACTS - Increasing Understanding of Public Problems and Policies -- 1996
December 2000Risk Assessment and Economic Regulation
December 2000Farmer Cooperatives 2000
December 2000Integrating Risk Assessment and Economics for Regulatory Decisions
4041424344 of 46




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