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Listed here in chronological order are Foundation projects that have been completed.

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Date Project Name
December 2000Integrating Risk Assessment and Economics for Regulatory Decisions
November 2000Community Policy Analysis Network
November 2000Pacific Food Outlook, 2000-2001 - The role of new technologies
November 20002nd International Conference on GIS in Agriculture and Forestry
October 2000Challenges in Agricultural Trade Under CUSTA
October 2000Pacific Food Outlook 2000-2001
October 2000Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Small Grants
August 2000Employee Management of Technology in Animal Agriculture
July 2000The Future of Mid-South Agriculture
July 2000Tenth Biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade
July 2000Policy Issues in the Changing Structure of the Food System
June 2000Seeking Common Ground for Conservation
4142434445 of 46




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