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Listed here in chronological order are Foundation projects that have been completed.

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Date Project Name
2000Building Coalitions Between Agricultural Cooperatives and Land Grant Universities in the Biotech Age
January 2000The Rural South: Preparing for the Challenges of the 21st Century
January 2000Agricultural Trade Information Website
20002000 Albany, NY
July 1999Leadership for Higher Education in Agriculture.
May 1999Food Forecast
March 1999Agriculture and Food Policy Systems Workshop: Policy Harmonization and Adjustment in the North American Agricultural and Food Industry
19991999 St. Paul, MN
April 1998Agriculture and Food Policy Systems Information Workshop: Economic Harmonization in the Canadian/U.S./Mexican Grain-Livestock Subsector
19981998 Clackamas, OR
October 1997Agriculture and Food Policy Systems Information Workshop: Harmonization/Convergence/Compatibility in Agriculture and Agri-Food Policy
February 1997Having all the Right Connections: Telecommunications and Rural Viability
43444546 of 46




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