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1999 St. Paul, MN Presentations

The 1999 National Public Policy Education Conference was held, September 19-21, 1999, at the Radisson Inn Saint Paul, 411 Minnesota Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota. Papers and presenations are being posted on this website as they are received. If you have any questions or comments, please contact David P. Ernstesat Texas A&M University.

The conference summary publication, "Emerging Issues in Public Policy: Highlights of the 1999 National Public Policy Education Conference" is available
These papers are in PDF format. Click here to download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.
The New Geography of World Trade I

"The New Geography of Trade - Point-Counterpoint"
-  Dan Sumner, University of California
-  Stephanie Mercier, U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee

Other Perspectives on International Trade Today
-  Vincent Amanor-Boadu, George Morris Centre, University of Guelph
-  Steve Neff, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
- Mark Ritchie, Institute for Agricultural and Trade Policy, Minneapolis, MN

Developing Local Policy: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

"Citizen Politics"
- Scott Peters, University of Minnesota Extension

Other Resource People
- Diana Martenson
- Dorothy M Rosemeier
- Mary Ann Scharf
- John Cunningham
- Sr. Clara Stang
- Sue Pirsig

The New Geography of World Trade II

Panel Discussion
-  Tom Johnson, University of Missouri - Dennis Fisher, Texas A&M University
- Ford Runge, University of Minnesota

The Impacts of the Food Quality Protection Act

"Overview and Issue Framing - Delany, Congressional Intent, NRC Report"
- Christina DiFonzo, Michigan State University
"Impact of FQPA on Pest Management"
- Mark Whalen, Michigan State University
"Pesticides and Human Health"
- Terry Miller, Oregon State University

Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural America

"An Overview of Immigrant and Migrant Labor in Agriculture"
-  Philip Martin, University of California - Davis Living and Working in a Changing Community
-  Joseph Amato, Southwest State University, Marshall, MN -  Kent Nelson, St. James Public Schools, St. James, MN

Regulation of Confined Animal Feeding Operations

"Framing Multi-Issue Controversies - The Role of Policy Educators"
-  Steve Smutko, North Carolina State University
-  Charles Abdalla, Penn State University

"Examining the Role of Policy Educators"
- Glen L. Keppy, National Pork Producers Council
- Roberta Parry, EPA
-  Jim Vanderpool, Pork Producer

Supporting Families by Strengthening Communities

"Changing 100 Communities through Collaborative Action Research"
-  Dave Riley, University of Wisconsin
"Making Ends Meet - Issues of Low Income Families"
-  James Garbarino, Cornell University

Innovative Extension Land Use Policy Programs

"Urban Sprawl: When City and Country Clash on the Rural-Urban Fringe"
- David Patton, Ohio State University

"The County Agent's Role in Extension Land Use Programs"
-  James Weising, County Agent, Traverse City, Michigan

"Tools and Decision Aids for Making Local Land Use Policy Decisions"
- David Sharpe, Montana State University

"Building State and Local Land Use Policy Decision-making Capacity"
-  Janet Ayres, Purdue University




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