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2001 San Antonio, TX

The tragic events of September 11, 2001, in New York and Washington forced Farm Foundation to cancel the 2001 National Public Policy Education Conference. This was the first time in the conference's 51 year history that it was canceled. The great sadness which we have in canceling this conference is only overshadowed by our grief for the victims and the challenge to the freedoms and security which we cherish.

A 2002 conference is being planned. Speaker presentations and handouts from the 2001 conference are posted below. Please use these materials as you wish.


10/05/01 UPDATE: The National Public Policy Education Conference originally scheduled for September 16-19, 2001, WILL NOT be rescheduled. We appreciate all the effort made by speakers and committee members to juggle schedules and reconfigure a program on short notice. In the end, we concluded that the rescheduled conference would not meet the needs of the intended audience.

Farm Foundation will reimburse any expenses you incurred as a consequence of this cancellation.

A special committee has been appointed to explore future alternatives for this annual activity. The report of this committee will be delivered to the National Public Policy Education Committee in November for their consideration.

We trust that a newly structured policy education conference will be held in Reno, September 14-18, 2002, as previously scheduled.

The National Public Policy Education Committee will meet later this fall to plan future activities.





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