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2002 Farm Bill Commodity Title Trainer Meetings



2002 Farm Bill Commodity Title Trainer Meetings

August 27, 2002 Farm Foundation worked with USDA's Farm Services Agency (FSA) and the National Extension Public Policy Education Committee to present four informational meetings on the commodity titles of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002. These meetings are designed to provide educators, consultants and other professionals working directly with producers, with the latest details on program implementation.

Click on each of the respective subjects to see the speakers' PowerPoint highlights:

The Base and Yield Option Update Analyzer (BYA) is a web-based tool developed by FSA and the Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University. It is being constantly updated to reflect program changes; any changes made are noted by date and explanation near the beginning of the program. You will find it at

A second tool for analyzing options-- baseupcalver16.xls--is an Excel spreadsheet developed by economists at Auburn University and Oklahoma State University. IMPORTANT: The data used in this spreadsheet is based on information as of July 22, 2002. Any changes in regulations or their interpretations occurring after that date have not been incorporated.

The conference presentations were converted to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and web (.html) formats. Click here to download an Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 from Adobe.






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