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2004 St. Louis, MO - Handouts

September 19-22, 2004
St. Louis, Missouri
Dealing with Controversial Public Issues at Land Grant Institutions

Canons of Practice-The Washington State University Experience:   Ronald C. Faas, Washington State University

Washington State University Canons of Practice

Guidelines for Public Issues Education at Land Grant Institutions:  Steve Smutko, North Carolina State University

Rural Entrepreneurship & Economic Development

Changing Economic Development Environment:  Chuck Fluharty, Rural Policy Research Institute

Rural Entrepreneurship Policy: Don Macke, Center for Rural Entrepreneurship

What We Know About Rural Entrepreneurs & Entrepreneurship:  Jay Kayne, Miami University

Educational Material for Rural Entrepreneurship:
Vicki Rightmyre, University of Missouri
 Jason Henderson, Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank
 Eric Scorsone, University of Kentucky

Challenges in Health Care Systems

Health Care Access in Rural and Urban Areas:  Tim McBride, Saint Louis University

Economic Impacts of the Health Care Industry on Communities:  Gerald Doeksen, Oklahoma State University

Putting the Family Perspective into Rural Health Care:  Roberta Riportella-Muller, University of Wisconsin

Assessing the Equitability of Farm Program Benefits

Historic Perspectives on Distribution of Support:  Jim Pease, Virginia Tech

Alternative Methods for Determining Equitable Distribution of Benefits:  James Richardson, Texas A&M University

Ag Committee Staff Perspectives on Equity in Benefits:  Craig Jagger, Staff Economist, House Committee on Agriculture

Wrap-up: Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M

Community Agriculture & Food Systems: Integrating Farm, Food and Family Policy

Overview:  Pat Norris, Michigan State University

Integrating Local and Global Food Systems:  Michael Hamm, Michigan State University

Community Food Systems and Federal Agricultural Policy:  David Schweikhardt, Michigan State University

The Hartford System-A State Food Policy Initiative: Mark Winne, The Hartford Food System

Panel of Extension Educators:
 Jim Bardenhagen, Leelanau County (Michigan) Extension
Audrey Maretzki, Pennsylvania State University
Steve Garrett, Tacoma, Wash.

Competing for Water: Policy Development, Collaboration & Cooperative Compliance of Existing Regulations

 Michael J. Gaffney, Washington State University

 Janie Simms Hipp, University of Arkansas

 Jim Kundell, University of Georgia (Large File:40+ Megs)

New Trade Agreements: Issues & Implications

Overview of Trade Negotiations and Issues:  Par Rosson, Texas A&M University

Australia & CAFTA Impacts:  Mickey Paggi, California State University

Implications for U.S. Sugar:  Lynn Kennedy, Louisiana State University





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