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2005 Washington, D.C.

The Process of Public Policy Development
Sept. 18-21, 2005

The process of public policy development was the focus of the 55th National Public Policy Education Conference Sept. 18-20, 2005,  at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, Va.

This conference is designed for Extension educators and other professional who work with citizens and stakeholder groups on issues related to agriculture, the food system and rural communities.  The first day of sessions examined the policy development process and players, issues, legislation, and national policy development in an international enviornment. The second day of the conference featured four concurrent sessions:

  • Issues for the 2007 Farm Bill
  • Environmental Conflict Resolution and Litigation
  • Nutrition, Obesity and Food Policy
  • Rural Governance

The third R.J. Hildreth Lecture was given by Fred Woods, CSREES, USDA (retired).

Honored with the  R.J. Hildreth Award for Career Achievement in Public Policy Education were James Novak of Auburn University, and David Patton of The Ohio State University.

The  Outstanding Public Issues Education Program Award was presented to "What the Public Values About Farmland," a program organized by a team from USDA, Pennsylvania State University, University of Georgia, University of Pennsylvania, Colorado State University and The Ohio State University.

Following are the conference presentations.

R.J. Hildreth Lecture
Fred Woods, CSREES, USDA, retired

The Public Policy Development Processs and the Next Farm Bill

•Setting the Stage for the Next Farm Bill
Charles Stenholm, Olson, Frank and Weeda

•Understanding the Process and the Players
Chuck Fluharty, Rural Policy Research Institute
Chandler Keys, Swift Company
Stephanie Patrick, American Dietetics Association

•Analyzing the Issues and the Legislation
 Joseph Glauber,Deptuy Chief Economist, USDA
 Craig Jagger, House Committee on Agriculture
 Stephanie Mercier, Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry
 Randy Schnepf,Congressional Research Service

•Addressing Policy in a National and International Setting
--Developing New Rules and Implementing Programs
Bruce Knight, Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA
--Negotiating New Rules and Relationships
 Debra Henke, Foreign Agricultural Service, USDA
--Markets Drive Agriculture and Rural Policy
Tom Dorr, USDA Under Secretary for Rural Development

2007 Farm Bill Issues
Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M University
Steve Halbrook, Farm Foundation
Hal Harris, Clemson University
Steve Klose, Texas A&M University
Parr Rosson, Texas A&M University
Larry Sanders, Oklahoma State University
Tom Johnson, University of Missouri

Environmental Conflict Resolution and Litigation
Part I: The Influence of Environmental Conflict Resolution on Natural Resource and Environmental Policy
 Julianna Birkhoff, Resolve, Inc.
 Deborah Dalton, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
 Loretta Singletary, University of Nevada

Part II: Policy by Litigation
Janie Hipp, University of Arkansas
Barclay Rogers, Sierra Club Environmental Law Program
Bradley Lamb, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Vince Chadick, Bassett Law Firm LLP

Rural Governance
•Overview of Rural Issues
 Don Lacy, The Ohio State University
•Effective Governance for the 21st Century
 Nancy Stark, Rural Governance Initiative
•Developing Rural Policy One Sector at a Time
Chuck Fluharty, Rural Policy Research Institute
Joe Dunn, National Association of Counties
 Mildred Warner, Cornell University

Nutrition, Obesity and Food Policy
Kate Coler, USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Science
•Research and Outreach Programs that Affect Nutrition Policy
 Susan Welsh, Cooperative State Research Education Extension Service (CSREES), USDA
•Food Security and Obesity
 Liz Tuckermanty, CSREES, USDA
•2005 Dietary Guidelines
 Kimberly Stitzel, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Department of Health and Human Services
•Institute of Medicine Report on Child Obesity
 Shiriki Kumanyika, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
•Overweight Kids—Are Schools Part of the Solution?
 Mary Kate Harrison, School District of Hillsbourgh, Fla.
•Wellness Policy Legislation in U.S. Schools
Joy Johnansen, Center for Science in the Public Interest
•School Wellness Policies
 Stephanie Patrick, American Dietetic Association
•Hunger, Nurtition and Health Policy Advocacy
Ellen Teller, Food Research and Action Center
•Can Health Vending Work?
 Mary Kate Harrison, School District of Hillsbourgh, Fla.





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