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ARMS conference papers December 2003

Data to Serve 21st Century Agriculture:
Expanding the Agricultural and
Resource Management Survey

Here are presentations made at the Dec. 4-5, 2003 conference in St. Louis. (04-19)

 What is ARMS and what does it mean to you?

Kitty R. Smith, USDA's Economic Research Service

How is ARMS data collected?

 Rich Allen, National Agricultural Statistics Service

 Vic Tolomeo, California Agricultural Statistics Service

 How ARMS data are used--a federal perspective Jim Johnson and Mitch Morehart, USDA's Economic Research Service
How ARMS data are used--other perspectives

 Gary Schnitkey, University of Illinois

 James Richardson, Texas A&M University

 Sam Funk, Illinois Farm Bureau

 Nancy Novack, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Discussion Group Summaries

 Stakeholder Groups

 State Groups

 Survey results

Perspectives on ARMS

Federal Perspective: Michael Dunn, Farm Credit Administration

State Persepctive: Ron Raikes, Nebraska State Senate

Industry Perspective: Charles Kruse, Missouri Farm Bureau

 Wrap-up Session Thomas D. Rowley, Thomas D. Rowley and Associates






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