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Ag Policy Reform Presentations 04-28

Silverado Symposium on Agricultural Policy Reform

University of California, January 18-20, 2004

Daniel Sumner, Chair, University of California Agricultural Issues Center Overview
 Julian Alston, University of California, Davis Policy Framework

 Tim Josling, Stanford University

Status of Trade Disputes
Alejandro Reca, Rabobank Reform and Trade Negotiations
 Andrew Stoeckel, Centre for International Economics, Australia Tackling the Political Problem of Farm Subsidies
 Kenneth Ash, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Food and Agricultural Policy: A Positive Reform Agenda
Brian Wright, University of California, Berkeley Global Economic Issues
 Richard Barichello, University of British Columbia NAFTA Issues

 Joseph Balagtas, University of California Agricultural Issues Center

U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement
John O'Connor, Dairy Australia Australian Dairy Deregulation
 John Beghin, Iowa State University Global Sugar Policy Reform
 Mickey Paggi, California State University, Fresno U.S. Cotton and Rice Policy Reform
Barry Kriebel, Sunmaid, and Jim Pandol, Pandol Brothers Perspectives from Specialty Crop Export Industries
 Robert Koopman, U.S. International Trade Commission, Office of Economics U.S. Trade Initiatives and Domestic Policy
 Joseph Glauber, U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Agricultural Policy
 Will Martin, World Bank Global Trade






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