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Agriculture and Food Policy Systems Workshop: Policy Harmonization and Adjustment in the North American Agricultural and Food Industry

Policy Harmonization and Adjustment in the North American Agricultural and Food Industry

(1999) Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

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The 5th Agriculture and Food Policy Systems Information Workshop was March 4-5, 1999, in Acapulco, Mexico. The workshop focused on harmonization--the governmental process in Canada, Mexico and the United States of restructuring policies and programs in response to NAFTA--and adjustment--the private sector response to freer trade. The coordinating committee for the workshop included: Ron Knutson, Texas A&M; R.M.A. Loyns, Prairie Horizons, Ltd.; Rene F. Ochoa, Texas A&M; Karl Meilke, University of Guelph; Fred Woods, CSREES/USDA; Antonio Yunez-Naude, El Colegio de México; and Jack Gellner, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The workshop organizers wish to thank the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University, Cargill, Ltd., El Colegio de México (PRECESAM/Ford & Hewlett Foundations), Farm Foundation, Royal Bank of Canada, SAGAR, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, and the United States Department of Agriculture (FAS and CSREES) for generously providing funding for this workshop and the dissemination of its proceedings.

 Policy Harmonization and Adjustment in the North American Agricultural and Food Industry. R.M.A. Loyns, Karl Meilke, Ronald D. Knutson and Antonio Yunez-Naude, eds. Proceedings of the Fifth Agricultural and Food Policy Systems Information Workshop. Winnipeg, Canada: Friesen Printers, February 2000.

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Full Proceedings

 Full Proceedings (1,710KB)
--edited by R.M.A. Loyns, Ronald D. Knutson, Karl Meilke and Antonio Yunez-Naude

Executive Summary

 Executive Summary
--edited by R.M.A. Loyns, Ronald D. Knutson, Karl Meilke and Antonio Yunez-Naude

Section 1: Macroeconomic Forces Affecting Trade and Trade Relations

 "Exchange Rate Effects on Agricultural Trade and Trade Relations" --David Orden

 "Impact of the Asian Crisis on Trade Flows: A Focus on Indonesia and Agriculture" --Richard R. Barichello
PowerPoint Presentation

 Discussion --Bank of Mexico --Daniel Garces-Diaz

Section 2: Foreign Investment Arrangements

 "Foreign Investment, Competitiveness and Trade" --Charles R. Handy and John A. Bamford
PowerPoint Presentation

 "Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures Under NAFTA: Concepts and Evidence" --David Sparling and Roberta Cook

 Discussion --Rabobank International-Mexico --Ken Shwedel
PowerPoint Presentation (1)
PowerPoint Presentation (2)
PowerPoint Presentation (3)

 Discussion --The Alliance Process --David Heilig

 Discussion --Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances: A Mexican Case Study --Sergio Chazaro
PowerPoint Presentation

Section 3: Economic Adjustment in Small Farms

 "Policy Reforms and Poverty in the Mexican Ejido Sector" --Benjamin Davis, Alain de Janvry, Elisabeth Sadoulet and Todd Diehl

 Discussion --SAGAR --Jose Antonio Mendoza-Zazueta

Section 4: Harmonizing Transportation Systems under NAFTA

 "Rail Harmonization in Mexico and North America: Implications for Agriculture" --Barry Prentice and Arnold Maltz

 "Harmonizing Truck Transportation" --Rob Harrison
Section 5: Reducing Trade Tension through Transnational Interest Group Coordination and Dialogue

 "Government Experience --U.S. Embassy, Mexico"-- Lewis Stockard

 "Government Experience --Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada" -- Ken Ash and Glyn Chancey

 "Government Experience --SAGAR" -- Andres Casco

 "Industry Experience --Livestock Economist" --David Anderson

 "Industry Experience --Canadian Pork Council" --Martin Rice

 "Industry Experience --Cargill Limited" --Jamie Dolynchuk

 "Industry Experience --Star Produce Co." --Robert A. Peterson

 "Summary/Overview -- Reducing Trade Tension Through Transnational Dialogue and Interest Group Coordination: Industry and Government Experience" --Hal Harris

Section 6: Economic Adjustments under a Western Hemisphere Free Trade Agreement

 "The Institutional Environment for Agricultural Trade in the FTAA" --Mary Burfisher

 "The Potential Trade Flow: An Agreement for the Americas" --W.H. Furtan

 Discussion-- Saskatchewan Wheat Pool/KPMG: S.J. Thompson

 Discussion-- Structural Change in Mexico: Andres Casco

 Discussion-- Issues Affecting Latin American Agriculture and Future Trade Negotiations: Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla

 Discussion-- Economic Adjustment in Chile: Roy Rogers

Al Loyns (Prairie Horizons Ltd), senior proceedings editor
Sue Forgot (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada), publication production manager

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