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Barry L. Flinchbaugh (1998)

Barry Flinchbaugh’s career in Public Policy education has spanned over 30 years since his days as a graduate student at Purdue working with J.B. Kohlmeyer and Carroll Bottum, two pioneers of public policy education. Over the past generation, Barry has used the Kohlmeyer/Bottum approach to help the citizens of Kansas deal with many controversial issues. A native of Pennsylvania, Dr. Flinchbaugh received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Pennsylvania State University. After completing his Ph.D. in agricultural economics from Purdue University in 1971, Barry joined the faculty of Kansas State University where he has spent his career. He has served on the North Central Public Policy Education Committee for 26 years and has twice served as chair of the National Public Policy Education Committee. Flinchbaugh’s unique speaking style has made him an effective communicator and educator. He is at home with ranchers at a sale barn, before congressional committees and in front of a classroom of students.
Like all great educators, the impact of Flinchbaugh’s policy education program cannot be measured by the direct impact of his work. One must also account for his effect on thousands of policy makers, producers, students and peers that he has touched over his 30 years of service. It is through these individuals’ active involvement in public policy making, and the resulting consequences of their actions, that the true impact of Barry’s efforts is felt. The last two years have been perhaps the most noteworthy of Dr. Flinchbaugh’s career. Due to his relationships with Kansas’ political leaders over the past generation including former Senator Robert Dole, Senator Pat Roberts and Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman over the past generation Barry had a significant impact on the formulation of the 1996 farm bill, possibly the most important piece of agricultural legislation of the past 50 years. Flinchbaugh chaired the 21st Century Production Agriculture Commission, charged with evaluating the impacts of this legislation.




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