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Barry Stryker (2000)

Barry Strykeris recognized throughout Vermont for his many years of distinguished service to local government officials and citizen leaders. From 1983 to 1995, Stryker provided leadership for Vermont’s Town Officer Training Programs. Frequently town officials work on a part time, semi-volunteer basis and lack institutional capacity enjoyed by larger metropolitan governments. This program provided training for 2,500 local officials annually. In 1989, Stryker and several others initiated the Vermont Institute for Government, which became a non-profit organization that continues to sponsor policy forums and publications to help educate local officials and citizens. Stryker served on the Northeast and National Public Policy Education Committees, and lead the Vermont’s Rural Community Connectivity Project. This project successfully supported 93 municipal offices in training, connection to the Internet, and development of web pages for providing public information. Stryker’s programs have often integrated leadership training and policy education principles in a fashion that creates stepping stones toward the development of a more informed citizenry. As a result of Stryker’s efforts throughout his career, Vermont has developed a continuing cadre of trained local officials and community leaders who step forward and tackle public policy issues.




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