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Biotechnology - Roadmap to the Future

A March 2000 conference sponsored by the Pacific Basin Economic Council in Honolulu, Hawaii, addressed WTO rules, the Bio-Safety Protocol, and the emerging regulatory framework for trade in Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs). An edited video helped communicate information about biotechnology to Pacific Rim policy leaders involved in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) ministerial meeting in the fall of 2000, in Brunei, Darrusalam. The goal was to enhance general understanding throughout the Asian Pacific region of the potential benefits and promises of biotechnology and to help develop recommendations for governments, businesses, and inter-governmental organizations on steps needed to reap the benefits of biotechnology, while dealing with consumer concerns and protecting the environment.

This conference was a continuation of efforts initiated in April 1996. Farm Foundation co-sponsored with the APEC Study Center a meeting in Kohler, Wisconsin, where initial discussions took place among agriculture and food industry representatives on prospects for food and agricultural trade in the Pacific Rim countries. Subsequent work has evolved into the adoption of an APEC Food System resolution by the ministers.






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