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Carbon Market Design: Issues + Opportunties

The economics of carbon markets, issues facing the establishment of efficient markets for carbon in the United States, and implications for the design of climate policies were among the topics discussed at a carbon market design workshop Jan. 31-Feb. 1 in Washington, D.C.

The workshop was a collaboration of USDA's Economic Research Service, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and Farm Foundation, NFP.  A recording of the workshop will be available soon.

Targeted to policymakers, industry leaders, NGOs and academics, workshop sessions focused on lessons learned from existing carbon/environmental markets, potential hurdles to the design of domestic carbon markets, and alternatives for climate policies.

Here are presentations, as available, from the workshop:

Kickoff Address
Richard Sandor, Environmental Financial Products and founder of the Chicago Climate Exchange

Carbon Markets Marketing
 Jim Kharouf, Environmental Markets Newsletter

Lessons from Existing Environmental Markets for the Design of Climate Policy
 Dallas Burtraw, Resources for the Future

Implementation of Regional Carbon Markets in the United States
Jonathan Schrag, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Inc.

The Role of Exchanges in Global Environmental Markets: Confidence, Stability, Transparency
Tom Lewis, Green Exchange

Moderating Price Volatility
 Andrew Stocking, Congressional Budget Office

Participation in the Carbon Market
 Albert "Pete" Kyle, University of Maryland

 Matthew Harding, Stanford University

Alternatives to Quantity-based Climate Policy
 Peter Cramton, University of Maryland

Henrik Hasselknippe, Green Exchange

Oil Prices and the Carbon Market
 Perry Sadorsky, York University

Nela Richardson, Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Agricultural Carbon Credits: Lessons Learned from the AgraGate Experience
 Dave Miller, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation

Tradeoff Between Permits and Offsets
 Adele Morris, Brookings Institution

 John Horowitz, USDA Economic Research Service

Regulatory Perspective on Carbon Markets
Eric Juzenas, CFTC Chairman's Office






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