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Confronting Food Price Inflation: Trade and Policy Implications

The implications for agricultural trade and policies related to food price inflation was the subject of a symposium organized by Farm Foundation and the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium and North Dakota State Unversity's Center for Agricultural Policy and Trade Studies.

The symposium, Confronting Food Price Inflation: Implications for Agricultural Trade and Policies, was June 22-23 in Seattle, Wash.  The symposium program focused on: food prices and their impact on agricultural trade and policies; food prices and global welfare; factors affecting food price inflation; and changes in the U.S. and world agricultural sector.  Papers from the symposium are available for review.


The program addressed the global challenges posed by growing demand and rising pressure on agricultural resources; the short- and long-term outlooks for food supplies and prices; the role of trade in food price inflation; and the effects of global food prices on welfare and the poor in both developed and developing countries.

Members of the planning committee were: Won W. Koo, Director, Center for Agricultural Policy and Trade Studies  North Dakota State University; Neil Conklin, President, Farm Foundation; Pierre Charlebois, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and Philip Abbott, Purdue University.






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