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Copin County U.S.A.: A Citizen Involvement Workshop (2001)

Program Team: Jeri Marxman, University of Illinois; Robin Orr, University of Illinois; Jeanne Warning, Iowa State University; Katey Walker, Kansas State University

Copin County, USA is a citizen involvement workshop that provides the opportunity for Extension educators and community citizens to practice applying their knowledge, values, and leadership skills to local public policy decisions. There are six scenarios in the Copin County exercise: child care, jobs, transportation, food security, health care, and housing. Each scenario includes information about stakeholders, community infrastructure, and demographic data that will help groups develop plans to deal with the issues. Suggestions for customizing the data to local conditions are provided, along with a broad general overview. The materials are easy for the facilitator to prepare and use. This program was and is an enormously collaborative effort of representatives of almost all states in the Region. We want to acknowledge here that this effort was nurtured by many people, whose advice and counsel guided the team efforts and wrote many of the materials.




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