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Farm Bill 2002: Issues and Possibilities for Southern Agriculture



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Farm Bill 2002: Issues and Possibilities for Southern Agriculture

February 20, 2002 (Chicago) The current farm bill expires at the end of 2002. Without congressional action, we revert to the so-called "permanent" legislation of 1949. U.S. agriculture has changed since the current legislation was passed in 1996, much less since 1949. Each farm bill reflects the social and economic realities (real and/or perceived) of its time and our collective hopes for the future.

What are the social and economic realities of 2001-02 for U.S. agriculture? What does society want from agriculture in the future? What is the status of the "contract" between society and agriculture? What is the future for federal support of agricultural research and extension programs?

To help answer these questions, Farm Foundation sponsored a special multi-disciplinary symposium at the 2002 Southern Agricultural Economics Association meetings in Orlando, Fla., Feb. 3, 2002.


  • An Overview of Agricultural Policy - Balancing Market Economics and Persistent Problems in Agriculture-- John Lee, Mississippi State University
  • What Stakeholders Want Farmers - Survey of Producer Policy Preferences -- Bradley Lubben, Kansas State University -- Hal Harris, Clemson University
  • The Sustainable Agriculture Community -- Kate Clancy, Winrock International
  • The Agricultural Research & Education Community -- Joe Coffey, National Council for Food and Agricultural Research
  • The Political Realities -- Stephanie Mercier, Chief Economist, Senate Agriculture Committee - Majority -- Craig Jagger, Chief Economist, House Agriculture Committee - Majority
  • Stakeholder Responses -- David Waide, Mississippi Farm Bureau -- Ralph Paige, Federation of Southern Cooperatives
  • Moderated Discussion




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