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Farm Foundation Assurance and Traceability Panel

Farm Foundation brought together commodity, agribusiness and government leaders from the grain and meat sectors to examine traceability and quality assurance in the food system.

The panel's final report outlined key issues and challenges traceability and quality assurance present to a global food system. It emphasized that one of the issues facing U.S. industry and government decision makers is that from a regulatory and supply chain perspective, one size will not fit all. Traceability systems and information needed in the livestock industry, for example, will differ substantially from those appropriate to the grain industry.

Existing food safety and assurance protocols, such as HACCP and ISO 9000, have the potential to provide an umbrella framework for the diversity of public and private market needs to implement traceability and assurance systems, the Panel noted. The issues that could be addressed through these frameworks range from food safety contamination and identifying inefficiencies in the supply chain, to documenting the integrity of extrinsic characteristics, such as animal welfare or environmental responsibility.

An executive summaryof the report is available, as well as the  full report.

Click here for earlier press releases on the panel’s work.





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