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Forces Shaping the U.S. Dairy Industry

Farm Foundation partnered with USDA's Economic Research Service (ERS) to present a dairy policy workshop. The Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 charged ERS with the responsibility to study future dairy policy relative to its potential impacts on the dairy industry, taxpayers and consumers. The 2002 workshop in Washington D.C. established the foundation for the USDA report on dairy policy sent to Congress in the fall of 2004.  
Farm-Level Structural Changes

John Smith, Kansas State University,  presentation

Bob Cropp, University of Wisconsin-Madison,  presentation

Changing Markets and Demands

Larry Hamm, Michigan State University

Mark Stephenson, Cornell University,  presentation

Dairy Policy

Hal Harris, Clemson University,  presentation

Bruce Gardner, University of Maryland,  presentation

ERS Involvement in Recent Projects

Don Blayney and Mary Anne Normille, ERS,  presentation

Monte Vandeveer, ERS,  presentation

Research Issues Mary Bohman, ERS,  summary report




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