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International Agricultural Productivity Growth Workshop program

International Agricultural Productivity Growth Workshop
March 15, 2007
Workshop agenda

Trends and Forces Affecting North American Productivity Growth


Wally Huffman, Bob Evenson and Xing Fan —U.S. state productivity from 1970 to 2010 and factors that might make a difference


Eldon Ball and Bob Chambers—Stochastic produtivity measurement


Jim Oehmke and Kate Stiefelmeyer —U.S. and Canadian farm programs and post-harvest productivity

Productivity and Science Policy in Europe


Krijn Poppe—Dutch agricultural productivity and reorganizations in Holland's public agricultural research system


David Schimmelpfennig and Colin Thirtle—Trends in UK productivity, R&D and patents


Eldon Ball, Jean-Pierre Butault, Carlos San Juan—Productivity and international competitiveness of EU and U.S. agriculture, 1973-2002

Patterns of Productivity Growth and Explanatory Factors in Developing Countries


Bob Evenson—Regional trends in agricultural productivity and influences of ‘technology capital’


Songqing Jin, Scott Rozell and Jikun Huang— Keys and constraints to productivity growth in China’s agriculture


Shenggen Fan—Productivity growth and policy changes in Indian and Chinese agriculture


Bob Evenson and Keith Fuglie—Comparing agricultural productivity change in Brazil and Indonesia: the influence of R&D and globalization





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