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Katey Walker (2001)

Katey Walkeris recognized for her commitment to encouraging new voices in public decision-making. She has a remarkable ability to package complex information into processes that encourage citizen interaction. In Kansas, she has developed many programs that focus on state and local issues, informing the ability of emerging leaders to participate in the public decision-making process and make their opinions known to their policy makers. She is a team player who excels in collaborative programs that bring science to the policy process.

Katey has been active in the National Public Policy Education Committee, where she was a committee member from 1990-1992, and 1999-2001. She chaired the North Central Committee, and served on numerous subcommittees of NPPEC, including the Public Issues Education Task Force, co-chair of the Ethics Education Subcommittee, and the subcommittee on evaluation and accountability in public issues education. She has served many national associations. Katey currently serves on the public policy committee of AAFCS. She has held numerous offices in the Association of Leadership Educators, including serving as President 1994-1995. She is a Founding Member of the Kansas Leadership Forum.




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