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L. Tim Wallace (1996)

Tim Wallace has spent 42 years working in Extension. He has conducted innumerable policy education programs in California on a variety of public issues.

Wallace has long been involved with the Western and National Public Policy Education Committees. He chaired the Western committee twice and served as its secretary several times. In 1967 and 1968, he became the first person to serve as chair of the national committee in two successive years.

Wallace also contributed to the national committee through its various subcommittee activities. Most recently, he served as co-chair of the Public Issues Educational Materials Task Force, which worked with the Program Leadership Committee and Program Organization and Development Committee of the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy. This committee produced "Public Issues Education: Increasing Competence in Resolving Public Issues" in 1994, as well as the folling in-service guide.

In addition, Wallace served in important policy leadership positions during his career. He was a senior advisor for agriculture on the President's Council of Economic Advisors in 1968-69 and was director of the California Department of Food and Agriculture during 1975-77.

Wallace's ability to formulate issues, involve people in a meaningful way, and hold strongly to the principles involved was bolstered by consultation with his broad network of colleagues and friends in policy education.




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