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Leadership for Attacking Global Food and Agribusiness Barriers



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Leadership for Attacking Global Food and Agribusiness Barriers

The Leadership for Attacking Global Food and Agribusiness Barriers conference was held March 12-14, 2001, in Fairfax, Virginia.

This conference built on the Phoenix Project funded by the U.S. Department of Education and the EU Commission. The Phoenix Project, named after the Greek bird that arose from the ashes, is the symbolic character of new education experiences, curriculum, a new international degree, cases, course content and research. Students and faculty from several countries have participated in this educational project so far. The program has helped countries that are having food related trade "wars" such as the Mad Cow Disease and other similar disputes arise from the ashes to build an understanding with each other. This project, which began in 1997, has been highly successful in developing new tools for educators and students alike.

The Leadership for Attacking Global Food and Agribusiness Barriers conference objective was to reduce barriers to trade and business development by providing a learning experience in both the EU and the United States. The conference summarized results and progress for the project which began in 1995 and has been successful in developing new tools for business educators and students. It has brought together leaders from education, industry and government. Topics addressed at the conference included trade barriers conflict resolution and the use of mediation in international trade in the context of educational opportunities. Topical focuses included international food safety standards, traceability, GMO residues, and consumer grading standards. Trade negotiators, as well as food and agribusiness management representatives, discussed future educational needs in the transatlantic region.

The sponsors included Arizona State University East, George Mason University, Royal Agricultural College of the UK, and the Phoenix Project consortium. Harris Nesbitt and Ironstone Vineyards were financial or in-kind contributors to this conference. Program participants included Farm Foundation board member Ken Peoples; former board and Round Table member, John Block; and Round Table members Ann Jorgensen and Eric Thor, organizer of the event.

The conference executive summary, "Attacking Global Barriers" highlights the principle conclusions from the discussions. It is being made available to educators, government agencies and agribusiness leaders in the United States and Europe. Printed copies can be acquired through Farm Foundation. The document may also be viewed online  here.





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