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Lynn R. Harvey (2004)

Lynn R. Harvey is a professor of agricultural economics, and associate director of Extension at Michigan State University. (MSU). For 30 of his 36 years at MSU and MSU Extension, Harvey has advocated for and practiced public policy education. His early career in public policy education focused on assisting local governments and citizen groups on a variety of topics, ranging from farmland preservation to state tax policy reform. His educational program, “Evolution, Structure and Finance of Local Governments,” is a key component of community-based leadership development programs in Michigan. Harvey, in collaboration with university colleagues and the Michigan Association of Counties, developed the program series, “New County Commissioner Training.” It is a flagship Extension outreach program for MSU and the MSU Department of Agricultural Economics, generating broad political support. Complementing it is “Legislative Leadership Program,” a three-day training for newly-elected state legislators, sponsored jointly by MSU Extension and the MSU College of Social Science. As an advocate for public policy education, Harvey has researched key policy issues, prepared materials and conducted numerous in-service training programs for county Extension staff and campus specialists on state constitutional ballot questions and tax policy reform.
Harvey’s expertise is frequently sought to help resolve intergovernmental disputes and public service cost sharing arrangements specially related to fire, police and emergency services. He was the principal architect and technical expert for the first city consolidation in the state’s history. Harvey’s teaching skills have been recognized by MSU, governmental organizations and professional associations.




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