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Modeling U.S. and European Union Agricultural Policy

Modeling U.S. and European Union Agricultural Policy:  Focus on Decoupled Payments was the subject of an October 2004 workshop sponsored by Farm Foundation and USDA's Economic Research Service. The  program agenda is available, as well as an  executive summary and presentations made at the workshop follow:

Opening remarks:
Neil Conklin, ERS
 Steve Halbrook, Farm Foundation

Session I: Overview and Background of Decoupled and Partially Decoupled Payments
Moderator: David Kelch, ERS
 Domestic Support and the WTO, Joseph Glauber, Deputy Chief Economist, USDA
 Overview of the 2002 Farm Act and U.S. Program Payments: Modeling Issues and Challenges, Paul Westcott, ERS
 Overview of the 2003 CAP Reform and EU Decoupled Payments, Wolfgang Munch, Directorate General Agriculture, European Commission

Session II: Review of Research, Key Findings and Issues
Moderator: Mary Bohman, ERS
 Review of Empirical Studies on the Production Impacts of PFC and MLA Payments Under the U.S. FAIR Act, David Abler and David Blandford, Penn State University
 Analysis of Decoupled Subsidies, Neilson Conklin and Mary E. Burfisher, ERS
 Research on the EU Direct Payment Schemes, 2003 CAP Reform: Key Findings and Research Issues, Pierre Bascou, Pierluigi Londero and Wolfgang Munch, European Commission
 What (if anything) Do Countercyclical Payments Do?, David Skully, ERS,  Supporting Paper

Session III Decoupled Policies in Models of U.S. Agriculture
Moderator: Paul Westcott, ERS
 Are "Decoupled" Farm Program Payments Really Decoupled? An Empirical Evaluation, Barry Goodwin, North Carolina State University, and Ashok Mishra, ERS,  Supporting Paper
 Do Direct Payments Have Intertemporal Effects on U.S. Agriculture?, Agapi Somwaru, ERS, Terry Roe, University of Minnesota, and Xinshen Diao, IFPRI
 FAPRI Modeling of Farm Program Impacts on U.S. Area Planted, Pat Westhoff, FAPRI, University of Missouri

Session IV: Decoupled Policies in Models of EU Agriculture
Moderator: Aziz Elbehri, ERS
 Modeling Supply and Land Allocation Responses to EU Payments, Paolo Sckokai, Universita Cattolica, Piacenza, Italy
 Analyzing Decoupling with GTAP: The 2003 CAP Reform, Piero Conforti, FAO, Rome
 Modeling the Introduction of Decoupled Payments in the EU: An Example, Julian Binfield, FAPRI, University of Missouri

Session V: Issues in Modeling Decoupled Payments
Moderator: Richard Stillman, ERS
 Modeling Farm Decoupled Payments: Comparisons of Partial and General Equilibrium Evaluations, Alex Gohin, Institute National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) Rennes, France
 Risk Considerations in U.S. Supply Response, William Lin and Robert Dismukes, ERS
 Future Research on Decoupled Payments: New Modeling Directions and Data Needs, Ed Young, ERS

Session VI: Wrap-up, Assessment and Priorities for Future Research
Moderator: Neilson Conklin, ERS
Wolfgang Munch, European Commission
David Abler, Penn State University
 Mary Bohman, ERS







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