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Neighbor Interactions, Agricultural Infrastructure and Farmland Conversion

The Agricultural Infrastructure Project developed from a workshop Farm Foundation sponsored in 2001 on determining critical mass in agriculture. The project--completed in 2003 by Oregon Farm Bureau, American Farmland Trust and Oregon State University--explores the interrelationships existing in small rural communities and the impact on the rate of farmland conversion in Polk County, Oregon. The project Web siteincludes two reports--Economic Interrelations in a Small Farming Area and Farm Neighbors, land Use Policy and Farmland Conversion--and an agricultural land conversion model. Copies are also available on CD.

To obtain a CD containing the two reports and the agricultural land conversion model, send a written request and payment of $10 per CD to:

Deanna Watkins
Oregon State University
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Ballard Hall 312
Corvallis, OR 97331-3601






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