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Philip Favero (1999)

Philip Favero's career in public issues education reflects a strong faith in four ideas: (1) the more informed a public policy decision is, the better the decision tends to be; (2) land grant universities bear a serious responsibility to citizens to be neutral sources of information about public issues and to provide facilitation services to solve those issues; (3) policy education work with governments, particularly local government, is vitally important; and (4) in public decision-making, policy educators should be "on tap," while citizens and public officials they elect should be "on top." Favero has a B.A. in history, and a M.A. in political science from Montana State University, and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University. He holds a certificate in African Studies from the University of Wisconsin and Tuskegee Institute. He served in the Peace Corps as agriculture advisor in Kenya. He has experience as an extension specialist in South Dakota and is currently at the University of Maryland, and has been a visiting professor to the Northeast Center for Rural Development at The Pennsylvania State University. Favero has served on both the North Central and the Northeast Public Policy Education committees and has served on the Maryland Public Issues Education committee since its inception in 1995. Most recently, Phil and other policy educators, most recently have developed a program to teach extension educators nationwide about the nexus of conflict resolution and public issues education.




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