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Farm Foundation continues its long-time sponsorship of Project Food, Land and People (FLP).

Farm Foundation was a sponsor of the initial planning activities which led to FLP, a nonprofit educational project founded in 1988. FLP provides educators with high quality, balanced and easily integrated curriculum-based classroom materials that deal with the complexity and interdependence of agricultural, environmental, economic, and cultural issues.

In 1998, FLP published Resources for Learning, a series of 40 PreK-12th grade lesson plans. New lesson plans are continuously being developed and FLP is forming coalitions throughout the United States to distribute these materials and train facilitators to conduct workshops for educators. Elementary and secondary school students are taught with FLP modules how agriculture meets their basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. They also learn about the interrelationships between agricultural production and the issues of human health, soil and water resources, energy and habitat preservation. These broad issues are often inadequately addressed in traditional school systems. A National Evaluation of Resources for Learning Lessions reported that "...the Resources for Learning curriculum is an effective educational tool for boosting student understanding of the interactions between the environment, agriculture and human cultures."

In 1999, Farm Foundation helped support a FLP special event, ?Building Bridges of Understanding Between Agriculture, Education and the Environment.? This symposium brought together leaders of the these three important sectors of society to discuss effective ways to educate students, teachers and the general public about issues relating to food/agriculture and environmental sustainability. Farm Foundation also sponsored the second ?Building Bridges? symposium which was held in September 2000. This symposium addressed two issues: 1) Why is there so much contention from consumer and environmental groups towards the food production systems? and 2) What roles can science and education ply in resolving the contention over food production? The proceedings of the "Buidling Bridges" symposiums are available from FLP. FLP also has conducted seminars at its new headquarters at the San Francisco Presidio to develop support for its programs and build bridges to the environmental community and the general public.

In the fall of 2001, the Food, Land & People "Founders Roundtable" was established to honor those individuals and organizations who have provided significant financial support to Food, Land & People over the years. Walter J. Armbruster represented Farm Foundation at the inaugural reception.

Farm Foundation has supported Food, Land & People because it strives to educate children and adults about the spectrum of relationships among food and fiber production, the food system and environmental quality, a high priority for Farm Foundation for many years. Over the years, Food, Land & People has developed informative, credible and engaging educational materials that have been integrated into the curricula of schools across the country. They provide training and teaching aids that help teachers bring science-based information about agriculture and the food system into the classroom.

They have developed credibility with the educational community and have succeeded where others have failed. At a time when some environmental education disparages or ignores agriculture, Food, Land & People has initiated a curriculum that shows agriculture and the food system as an integral part of environmental systems, and this curriculum has been welcomed by the educational community. Recently, they completed work on 15 additional k-12 lesson plans (bringing the total to 55), translated all materials into Spanish, and established partnerships with USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. EPA, and the National Science Foundation.

For more information, visit the Project Food, Land and People website by clicking here.





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