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Summary and Presentations 03-38

Global Markets for High-Value Foods

Here are links to a summary of the Feb. 14, 2003 workshop, as well as to those papers or presentations made available to post.

 Summary of the workshop  

Anita Regmi, Economic Research Service, USDA

Changing Global Markets for High-Value Foods
Emilio Pagoulatos, University of Connecticut
A Consumer-Oriented Agriculture for the 21st Century
Jean Kinsey, University of Minnesota
Consumer Driven Innovations and Adoptions in the Food Supply Chain
Tom Reardon, Michigan State University
The Rapid Rise of Supermarkets in Latin America and Asia
Ron Cotterill, University of Connecticut
Perspectives on Global Concentration and Public Policy
Roger Davidson, Ahold USA
The Emerging Retail Landscape: Winners and Losers
Ben Senauer and Linda Goetz, University of Minnesota

The Growing Middle Class in Developing Countries and the Market for High-Value Food Products

Klaus Grunert, The Aarhus School of Business, Denmark
How Changes in Consumer Behavior and Retailing Affect Competence Requirements for Food Producers and Processors
Jean-Marie Codron, Eric Giraud-Heraud and Louis-Georges Soler, INRA, France
New Trends in Fresh Produce and Meat Quality Signals in the French Food Retail Industry






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