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The 2002 Farm Bill: Issues and Alternatives



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The 2002 Farm Bill: Issues and Alternatives

The Center for Agricultural Policy and Trade Studies (CAPTS) at North Dakota State University held a two-day conference, "The 2002 Farm Bill: Issues and Alternatives," October 29-30, 2001 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center, Fargo, North Dakota. The conference focused on emerging issues related to the 2002 Farm Bill. Specific themes included:
  • directions of the U.S. farm programs under a freer trade environment;
  • U.S. farm economy under the 1996 FAIR Act: How the Farm Bill worked?;
  • alternative views of the 2002 Farm Bill;
  • implications of the WTO negotiations and regional free trade agreements on the 2002 Farm Bill;
  • the 2002 Farm Bill for wheat, feed grains, oilseeds, and sugar producers;
  • major issues in the 2002 Farm Bill: risk management, income safety-net, food safety, and the environment.
This conference was sponsored by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, North Dakota State University; Northern Crops Institute, North Dakota State University; Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics, North Dakota State University; and Farm Foundation.

A conference executive summary is available by clicking  here.

For more information, visit the conference website at




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