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Understanding Demand Shifts for Grain-Based Foods

A workshop sponsored by Farm Foundation and USDA's Economic Research Service
September 28, 2004
The Food Industry Center, University of Minnesota

Because the U.S. food market is a mature market, increased demand for any one grain-based food tends to come at the expense of demand for another. In addition, demographic influences, such as increasing ethnic diversity, and the aging of the U.S. population, are affecting grain-based food demand. At this workshop, about 50 leaders from food industry, government and academia examined how current consumer trends and nutrition issues are affecting demand for grain-based food products and identified data tools needed to better analyze consumption patterns.

Perspectives on Grain Consumption and Market Issues
Session chair: Ron Olson, General Mills
Industry perspective:  Greg Heying, SUPERVALU Inc.
Policy perspective:  Peter Basiotis, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, USDA
Research perspective: Len Marquart, University of Minnesota, and  Lisa Harnack, University of Minnesota

Consumer Demand and Market Trends: What do the data tell us and where are the knowledge gaps? Session I
Session chair: Ben Senauer, University of Minnesota
Factors Affecting Consumption of Whole and Refined Grain: Evidence From USDA CSFII Survey Data:  Biing-Hwan Lin, ERS, and Steven T. Yen, University of Tennessee
Factors Affecting Grains Consumption, Evidence From NHANES Survey Data:  Lisa Mancino, ERS
Grains: Trends in U.S. Per Capita Food Availability and Intake:
 Jean Buzby and Judy Putnam,ERS

Discussion by data users
Session chair: Elise Golan, ERS
 Helen Jensen, Iowa State University
 Judi Adams, Foundation for the Advancement of Grain-Based Foods
 Alison Eldridge, General Mills.

Consumer Demand and Market Trends: What do the data tell us and where are the knowledge gaps? Session II
Session chair: Demcey Johnson, ERS
Retail Trends and Insights Within Grain-Based Food Categories:  Bill Goergen, ACNielsen
Breakfast Cereals Demand Trends: Jim Eales, Purdue University
Discussion:  Oral Capps, Texas A&M University

Breakout Sessions
Current Food Supply Estimates and Data Gaps for Grains from Production to Food Guide Pyramid Servings
 Gary Vocke, Jean Buzby and Linda Kantor, ERS

Grain Product Sales and Developments: An Industry Roundtable
Moderator: Len Marquart, University of Minnesota
Judi Adams, Foundation for the Advancement of Grain-Based Foods
Catherine Gump, Cargill Inc.
Mark Haugen, Cuisine Concepts
Jeff Larson, Sysco

Summation:  Walter Armbruster, Farm Foundation






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