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Using Scanner Data to Answer Food Policy Questions

This two-day conference examined how proprietary scanner data can contribute to food policy research.  The June 1-2, 2011, conferece was a collaboration of the USDA Economic Research Service and Farm Foundation, NFP.  Review the conference presentations and posters.

Session 1:  Impact of Economic Shocks on Consumers
Substitution Bias: Evidence from the 2008 Spike in Food Prices
Aviv Nevo, Northwestern University

Variety and Cost Pass-Through Among Supermarket Retailers
 Timothy J. Richards of Arizona State University, Stephen F. Hamilton of California Polytechnic State University,
and William Allender of Arizona State University

Investigating Price Pass-Through in Local Milk Markets
 Ashley Spalding and Sofia B. Villas-Boas,  University of California, Berkeley

Session 2: Impact of Food Labeling
Mandatory Labeling Vs. Fat Tax: Evidence from the French Fromage Blanc and Yogurt Market
 Olivier Allais of INRA-ALISS, France; Fabrice Etilé of INRA-ALISS and Paris School of Economics, France; and Sébastien Lecocq, INRA-ALISS, France

Can Information Costs Affect Consumer Choice? Nutritional Labels in a Supermarket Experiment
 Kristin Kiesel of California State University, Sacramento, and Sofia B. Villas-Boas, University of California, Berkeley

Can Household Consumers Save the Wild Fish?
 Eric Hallstein and Sofia B. Villas-Boas, University of California, Berkeley

Session 3: Consumer Responses to New WIC and School Nutrition Policies
Effects of the Revised WIC Food Package on Redemption Patterns
 Stacy Gleason and Jennifer Pooler,  Altarum Institute

Food Purchases by WIC Households: Use of Scanner Data
 Miyoung Oh of Iowa State University, Ariun Ishdorj of Texas A&M University, and Helen H. Jensen of Iowa State University

Evaluating the Impact of School District Nutrition Policies on Household Food Purchasing Patterns Using Nielsen Homescan Data
Shirlee Lichtman, Stanford University

Poster Session
Empirical Investigation of the Impact of the 2007 Recall on the Demand for Peanut Butter Brands
 Rafael Bakhtavoryan, Oral Capps, Jr. and Victoria Salin, Texas A&M University

Empirical Evidence on the Role of Non Linear Wholesale Pricing and Vertical Restraints on Cost Pass-Through
 Celine Bonnet and Pierre Dubois of the Toulouse School of Economics, and Sofia B. Villas-Boas of the University of California, Berkeley

Economic and Demographic Factors Affecting U.S. Demand for Lunch Meats
 Christopher G. Davis, ERS; James Eales, Purdue University; Diansheng Dong, ERS; William Hahn, ERS; and Daniel Marti, ERS

Factors Affecting U.S. Cheese Consumption
 Christopher Davis, Stela Stefanova, Donald Blayney, and Biing-Hwan Lin,  ERS

Does Limiting Access to Soft Drinks in Schools Result in Compensation at Home?
 Rui Huang of the University of Connecticut, and Kristin Kiesel of California State University, Sacramento

Demand for Breakfast Cereals: Whole Grains Guidance and Food Choice
 Ariun Ishdorj of  Texas A&M University, and Helen H. Jensen of  Iowa State University

Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages while Subsidizing Milk: Effects on Beverage Consumption, Nutrition and Obesity Among U.S. Children
 Biing-Hwan Lin,  ERS; Travis A. Smith, University of Minnesota; and Jonq-Ying Lee, University of Florida.

Determinants of Geographic Variation in U.S. Food Prices
 Ephraim Leibtag, Jessica Todd and Lisa Mancino, ERS

The Effectiveness of Food Taxes at Affecting Consumption in the Obese: Evaluating Soda Taxes
Ketan Patel, Northwestern University

Do Consumers Pay for Being Healthy and Having an Environmental Conscious?—An Analysis of Price Discrimination on Healthy Food Products
 Congnan Zhan, North Carolina State University

Predicting the Effects of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxes on Energy-Dense Foods Using a Large Demand System
 Chen Zhen, RTI International; Eric Finkelstein, Duke-NUS Medical School; James Nonnemaker, RTI  International;  and Jessica Todd, ERS

Session 4: Competition and Price Response
Variety and Prices in Supermarkets: Can Store Competition Hurt Consumers?
 Andre Trindade, Northwestern University

Price Responsiveness for Sugar Sweetened Beverages by Family Body Weight Size: Evidence from a Large National Retailer in Texas
 H. Shelton Brown, III,  University of Texas, Austin

Session 5: Keynote Address

Innovations in Scanner Data: Opportunities for Policy Researchers
 Paul Donato, EVP and Chief Research Officer, The Nielsen Company

Session 6: Tracking Healthy Purchases
Demand for Nutrition: A Cross Country Comparison of US, UK and France
Aviv Nevo, Northwestern University;  Rachel Griffith, IFIS; Pierre Dubois, Toulouse School of Economics; and Ephraim Leibtag, ERS

Using the Quarterly Food at Home Database
 Jessica Todd, ERS

Do Consumers’ Food Purchasing Decisions Vary by Store Format?
Richard Volpe, Abigail Okrent and Ephraim Leibtag, ERS

Session 7: Challenges and Successes of Using Scanner Data for Public Policy
Using Scanner Data for the Public Good
 Shu Wen Ng, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 Shawn Fremstad, Center for Economic and Policy Research

 Mary Muth, RTI International

 Mark Lino, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, USDA

Helen Jensen, Iowa State University






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