Farm Foundation Contributes Perspective on Ukraine in 2022 GAP Report

Farm Foundation Agricultural Economics Trade Fellow Dr. Amanda Countryman published an Expert Essay within the 2022 Global Agricultural Productivity Report (GAP Report).

Her contribution to the report, “Ukraine Conflict Disrupts Agricultural Production and International Trade,” covers lost agricultural production in Ukraine, the effects of the trade blockade, trade policy problems, and wider implications for agriculture. The essay can be found starting on page 28 of the report.

“Ukraine and Russia have become increasingly important suppliers in global agricultural
markets, and the war in Ukraine has widespread negative consequences. Lost domestic
production in Ukraine and disruptions in international trade threaten global food security
and hinder agricultural productivity. War-related damages caused immediate injury to
Ukraine’s agricultural systems that will have lasting effects on productivity. Western
sanctions on Russian goods in tandem with export restrictions imposed by Russia,
China, and Least Developed countries in the face of tight agricultural markets further
increase commodity prices and volatility that disproportionately affect the world’s
poor. Increased, transparent international trade is needed to meet global food import
demands during this challenging time of turmoil in global agricultural markets.”

aBSTRACT, “Ukraine Conflict Disrupts Agricultural Production and International Trade,” 2022 GAP REPORT

Now published by Virginia Tech, the annual GAP Report was first published in 2010 as the product of a collaboration between the Global Harvest Initiative and Farm Foundation to track global agricultural productivity growth and to encourage research to better understand and measure agricultural productivity.

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