About Farm Foundation

Leading the Discussions of Enlightened Thinkers

The Farm Foundation is today’s conversation catalyst for U.S. agriculture, with a history of leading the discussion around critical issues. We are at the forefront of U.S. food and agriculture. We are driven to convene great minds and influencers in and around feed, fiber, food and energy to tackle the issues of tomorrow with evidence-based information today.

Through our programs, projects, Forums and Round Tables, we refine the fuel and ignite the leaders in agriculture to begin today addressing the industry issues of tomorrow.

Conversation Catalysts

U.S. agriculture cannot lack vision. For more than eight decades, Farm Foundation has brought a diversity of people to the table to have the important constructive conversations that help enable future success. The food and agriculture sectors need solutions that are informed and thoughtful, because when agriculture fails, we all fail. We are stewards of the land and responsible for deciding its fate, and we take that responsibility seriously.

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