Digital Agriculture

The emergence and merging of innovations from seemingly disparate sectors are generating a new technological revolution in food and agriculture. Comprehensive data, extended internet connectivity, unmanned aerial vehicles, DNA scans, gene editing and precision agriculture promise to have far-reaching consequences across the agricultural value chain. Private and public sectors have key roles in the development and use of technology that can assist and guide evidence-based decisions across the value chain.

Making Informed Decisions About Technology in Agriculture

Rapidly evolving technologies are taxing the ability of regulatory systems to keep pace. As new frontiers open, the need, scope and type of regulatory inquiries will need careful consideration. Farm Foundation works to help public and private decision makers better understand the implications of new technologies, as well as public policy issues that may evolve.

Farm Foundation looks around the corner at how new technologies will reshape the future of the industry, including social, economic and consumer impacts. We examine how new technologies impact traditional farm structures, the organizations that support those operations and the business models they use.

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