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We are all invested in the success of America’s agriculture industry; by supporting Farm Foundation, you can be part of the movement to help agriculture thrive.

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Your donation strengthens the ability of Farm Foundation to address rapidly evolving issues impacting agriculture, the food system and rural communities. Together, we can pursue our vision to build a future for farmers, our communities and our world.

Accelerating Solutions

Throughout our history, we have helped stakeholders across the food and agriculture value chains become smarter on issues and make policy decisions with the best evidence-based information possible and diverse voices at the table. This objective, nonpartisan forum for open and healthy debate among influential people in the industry also creates a strong platform for our work to nurture the next generation of agricultural leaders, support rural communities, and pursue meaningful programs to impact our four strategic thematic priorities: conservation and sustainability, digital agriculture, farmer health, and market development and access.

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Building a Future

Farm Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. About half of our annual operating budget is generated from our endowment, a legacy created by founders Alexander Legge and Frank Lowden. The remainder of the budget is supported by donations from donors like youpeople, companies and organizations who recognize the value of our work, and our unique position to bring all the right stakeholders together to accelerate practical solutions for agriculture. (Is your company interested in greater involvement and collaboration? Consider partnering with us on a project or joining our Seeders program.)

Join the Effort

Our powerful history propels us forward, and with your help, we know the future is bright. We are so grateful for your support!

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