Build powerful networks and sharpen your food and ag leadership edge with our experiential on-farm program.

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Who Should Attend?

Designed for seasoned leaders as well as those new to the food and ag sectors—including cross-departmental teams, board members, or your key clients—our courses are taught by industry leaders, academic researchers and other subject matter experts.

The bootcamps will help leaders gain a broad baseline understanding of the current food and
ag sector while building a professional network or strengthening a working team.




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Where Do the Bootcamps Take Place?

Farm Foundation’s AG 101 Bootcamps take place on our beautiful farm-based campus in Libertyville, Illinois.

Our new Innovation and Education Campus features a centennial farm, house, barn, and farm fields, along with the new Innovation and Education Center.

Incorporated throughout the bootcamps will be optional and customizable modules, in-field learning opportunities, and networking time on our beautiful site, surrounding hiking trails, and more.

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The Farm Foundation AG 101 Bootcamps will focus on five broad subject areas:

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These five modules of experiential learning are delivered on our farm/innovation campus through lectures, case studies, small group discussions, media/videos and outdoor experiences on farm. Over the day and a half program, our team will cover these five subject areas:

Production Ag Sector—Participants will gain an understanding of the components and trends of
production agriculture and farm level economics. Farm-level insights help increase understanding of
how farmers make decisions about new practices and innovations.

Climate Change ESG Goals—Participants will gain an understanding of the increasing role of soil health, sustainability, regenerative agriculture, and ESG for corporations and the implications.

Food and Ag Policy—Participants will gain an understanding of the governmental entities involved in food and agriculture policies, the key legislation, and issues.

Innovation and Investment—Participants will gain an understanding of the role investments in food and agriculture is playing in advancing innovations and technologies, adoption rates and drivers, and why key innovations matter in food and agriculture.

The Future of Food and Ag—Participants will wrap up the experience by looking ahead into the future of food and agriculture. They will leave with an understanding of the key ongoing trendsand drivers of change, including consumer trends and their implications in both the food and agriculture sectors.

Additional Info

AG 101 Bootcamps are customizable to meet the needs of the participants. All participants who complete the bootcamp experience will also receive LinkedIn badge and certificate to acknowledge their participation.

Bootcamp Participant Testimonials

“To actually sit at the table and talk to a farmer about inputs and outcomes was impactful.”
“A transformative experience.”
“By educating and expanding our knowledge we are able to add value and insight to our customers.”

How Do I Sign Up?

To get started, please contact:
Amanda L. Martin, Director of Development