Farm Foundation Forum Explores Sustainable Fertilizer

The Farm Foundation Forum®: Greening the Fertilizer Industry explored the current and near-future state of the art in sustainable fertilizer production from a variety of perspectives.

During her presentation, Alzbeta Klein, CEO/Director General, International Fertilizer Association, summed up the situation as: “We have a triple challenge ahead of us and that is: how do we make sure that fertilizers are available, how do we make sure that they are affordable in all parts of the world, and how do we do that sustainably?”

Klein was joined by Farm Foundation Board Member Cheri De Jong, principal owner of Natural Prairie Dairy and owner and CFO of AgriVision Farm Management; Corey Rosenbusch, president and CEO of The Fertilizer Institute; Karl Theis, founder, and Linda Thrasher, president and co-founder, of Greenfield Nitrogen. The panel was moderated by Farm Foundation Round Table Fellow Jay Vroom, chief innovation officer at Vroom Leigh Agriculture, LLC.

Included in the discussion were two technologies being currently used to create innovative fertilizer sources close to where they will be used – one using electrolysis and the other using mechanical vapor recompression. The presenters also discussed current market conditions affecting fertilizer production worldwide.

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