Call for Papers on Farm Household Needs

Selected papers to be presented at the U.S. Farm Households’ Social and Economic Needs and the Future of Agriculture Conference, September 2023

Very little is known about how household challenges impact the farm business. Directly connected to this knowledge gap is a limited understanding of the ways in which existing social programs and policies (which are specifically designed to meet these needs) may support farm sector profitability, survivability, and resilience. To help close this knowledge gap, the USDA’s Economic Research Service and Farm Foundation, an accelerator of practical solutions for agriculture, are issuing a call for papers to be submitted for consideration for the U.S. Farm Households’ Social and Economic Needs and the Future of Agriculturevirtual conference taking place on September 13, 2023.  

Through a mix of paper presentations and panel discussions, the goal of this one-day conference is to:   

1) Broaden the long-standing body of work seeking to understand why, how, and which farm families are able to cultivate successful farm businesses in the face of on-going changes and the inherent instability of the agricultural sector,  
2) Initiate the scientific debate on the linkages between farm households’ social and economic needs, social policies, and farm business development,  
3) Develop new networks of family farm scholars working on these topics,  
4) Better understand data available to understand these relationships, as well as identify data gaps.  

In particular, Farm Foundation seeks theoretical, empirical, and discussion papers at the intersection of farm households’ social and economic needs, social programs and policies, and farm business viability. The papers can be based on new research or can revisit data previously analyzed with a new eye towards the focus of this conference. 

All abstracts should be limited to 350 words and must be submitted through the online application portal by July 14, 2023.  

The conference is being organized by the National Farm Medicine Center, The Ohio State University, Colorado State University, USDA ERS, and Farm Foundation.  

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